Welding, Cutting & Safety Materials

Gas  Regulators

We provide wide range of gas regulators with enough large outlet’s pressure range and adjustable by the regulator knob.

Welding / Cutting nozzle

CO2 and Mig Wires

A great range of CO2 and Mig solid wires, coated with light copper uniformly. We provide Co2 Mig wires that are suitable for various industrial applications.

Welding / Cutting Torches 

We provide cutting torches, also suitable for plasma cutting. The torches are durable, long lasting and available in various quality and standards. The knobs are leak proofd and highly adjustable.

SS Filler Wires

Filler wires made of high grade Stainless Steel, with features like inter granule corrosion resistance  and free porosity.

First Aid Boxes and kits
We provide wide range of first aid boxes and kits made with strong materials, making the box resistant to shocks and accidental dropping. The box saves kit items from heat and moisture.

Welding Hoses

High durability precision hoses are available which are made with best standardized materials like PVC, Nylon and rubber as suitable. Suitable for both cutting and welding.

Gouging Torches
We provide Gouging torches suitable for gouging, joint preparation, removing of pores and cracks,
chamfering, cutting, surface treatment and hole piercing at all metals. They stand out due to its reliability and

Industrial Safety Gloves
We provide government certified gloves made from certified materials. Best ranges are made from raw materials imported from USA. We deal in High quality industrial gloves, made of specially treated rust and  heat resistant material.The gloves are Long Life and Fully blanket lined for extra protection, also tested upto 250 deg C and EN 388 and EN 12477 type A approved.

Plastic Welding Guns
We deal in ultrasonic tech based plastic welding guns suitable for various sealing materials. We also deal in industrial tube sealing machines.

Safety Helmets 
We deal in best quality safety helmets for industrial use, with ISI marks. We have chosen helmets made from most reliable and robust helmets, that can save lives in most drastic conditions. 

Industrial Safety Belts
Along with safety shoes and other safety products, we provide reliable and most durable safety belts that you can trust in times when you need safety.

Safety Shoes

ISI certified safety shoes with best durable leather fitting all the industrial norms and conditions. We provide these shoes in all sizes. 

Brazing Rods 
We deal in all kind of Brazing rods including Silver, Copper and Brass Brazing rods. These are high tensile quality and thus most reliable out of all available competitors.

Sleeve Guards

Tungsten Rods
We also deal in Thoriated and Zirconated  tungsten rod used in TIG welding in various sizes. Please note that these rods have ANSI / AWS approval.

Underwater Cutting Tools
We provide nice quality Underwater Cutting tools having  PTFE lined fiberglass reinforced coupler hose, flash arrestor with higher oxygen flow rate and great flash back protection, non-return valve to prevent back flow, and nice collet and collet washer design.

 Welding Cables (Copper/Aluminium)

We deal in high performance Welding Copper / Aluminum ISI –Non ISI Cable based on latest technology. The cables are available in various grades and quality to meet the customer needs.

 Welding Rods
The best available welding rods from reliable manufacturers, can be provided in small packs and also bulk packaging. Our welding electrodes are made with trustworthy raw material, making the welding and joints last longer, longer than the jointed materials itself.

Welding Glass 
We deal in effective welding glasses that saves eyes from flashing during welding and also makes eyes capable to see in that much brightness improving quality of welding.